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Public Health Program Coordinator, Jenny Peña

Jenny Peña is a Public Health Program Coordinator at MVI. She is a historian and is currently working on her master’s degree program in gender and domestic violence at the University of Costa Rica. She was born in Guanacaste, province of Costa Rica, but has been living in Monteverde for the last fourteen years.


Her work with the Monteverde Institute began with the Family Life Program 10 years ago which focused on domestic violence prevention, and public health problems. She has developed and administered a number of self-esteem training workshops for parents, women, children and youth. Most recently in the past four years, Jenny has served as a course coordinator, delivering lectures on Costa Rican culture, society, gender and women’s issues, and as a teaching assistant with the Globalization and Community Health course.


Jenny also currently coordinates field research for a project on nutrition (The Impact of Economic Change on Food Habits and Nutritional Health in Monteverde, Costa Rica: Mixing Food Production and Tourism), initiateid in partnership with the University of South Florida and funded by the National Science Foundation. The purpose of this study is to examine the way in which participation in agriculture and/or in the tourism industry affects the type, quantity, and quality of food people eat, as well as, their nutritional health.

Finally, Jenny loves to work with the community, women and children. When she first started working with feminist organizations and women’s issues 17 years ago, she made a commitment to work toward preventing violence against women and families.