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Logistics, Maricella Solís

Maricella Solís has been working for the MVI for the past 8 years in logistics. She has studies in the areas of health, education management and human resources. Currently she is a cultural instructor and choreographer certified by the Ministry of Culture and youth of Costa Rica. Maricella is a Wilderness First Aid Responder. Her experience includes support for the Night School in Monteverde y the Pan-American Language Center of Modern Languages. She likes to work with students in teaching folklore, culture, gastronomy, and Costa Rican History and above all, things that include cultural activities such as typical dance and choreography.  She is part of the cast of senior citizens “Rainbow of Life” in the Monteverde Community. 

Maricella works in the Academic department of the Monteverde Institute under the supervision of International Courses, at the MVI she is the responsible for general logistic management for groups, researchers and collaborators when it comes to hotel reservations, meals, transportation, tours and others, with and outside Costa Rica.

She is the contact person of the MVI with service providers for our customers, she works and supports very closely with the providers, with service evaluation, fee negotiations, with the goal of getting better logistical results for the MVI.

For the department of migratory status she is in charge of doing all the migratory procedures for students and professors. For the Research Department of the Monteverde Institute she is in charge of the elaboration, supervision and formalities of the extraction and exportation permits for researchers.

She belongs to the Emergency Response Team of the MVI.

She is also the person that works as hostess for the MVI, in activities organized by the MVI such as conferences, events for the community, Homestay families, assemblies and student stay, amongst others.