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Library Service Coordinator, Marlene Leiton Campbell

Marlene Leiton Campbell started working for the Monteverde Institute in May 1995. She contributed to the development of John and Doris Campbell Library in 1999 as a Library Service Coordinator with the training help of Jean Stuckey, Librarian for the Monteverde Community Library. She currently works as a Library Service Coordinator at the Institute.


She recently completed a course at the Universidad Instituto Tecnológico de Cartago to create the database of existing materials and information at the library. She has also worked for the last three summers with volunteers from the University of Vermont and University of Syracuse to digitize hundreds of search documents for public access through MVI’s Library.


Marlene was born in Monteverde, Costa Rica. She graduated from Monteverde Friends School, which is a primary and secondary Quaker school in Monteverde. During her high school years she was a member of the library committee at the community library at the Friends School. Marlene is also certified in Wilderness Advanced First Aid.