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Executive Director, Debra Hamilton

Debra Hamilton is a long time member of the Monteverde community, a past board member of the Monteverde Institute and current collaborator. Debra  started her professional life in accounting, computer programming, and business management.  Feeling the need to contribute to society and the environment in a different manner, she changed careers to study conservation biology at Duke University.  She came to Monteverde in 1993 to investigate the use of windbreaks as possible micro-corridors that forest dwelling birds would require in order to move throughout the landscape.  This was the first of her investigations and publications regarding birds and conservation.  As a result of research on the decline of the Three-wattled Bellbird, Debra and colleagues founded the Fundación Conservacionista Costarricense (FCC) to protect and restore habitat on the Pacific slope of Monteverde (and she owns and operates Librería Chunches as a funding source for herself and the Foundation).  The FCC has been the leader in reforestation efforts in the Monteverde zone over the last 10 years.  Debra believes that the implementation of conservation actions as a result of scientific investigations is critical.  With this principle, she hopes to lead the Monteverde Institute in its quest to advance the knowledge of sustainability by focusing on conservation biology and community well-being through education, research, collaboration, and the implementation of significant actions.