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Place-Based Education, Applied Research & Community Engagement through Service Learning

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Our Mission is to advance sustainable living at the local and global level through place-based education, applied research, and collaborative community programs.

Place-Based Education

Place-Based Education

The complex challenges in Monteverde Zone communities reflect the sustainability issues faced on a global level. Highly qualified professors, whether locally based or accompanying students from their home universities, encourage students to find creative solutions to these problems though experiential, interdisciplinary, place-based courses. MVI also offers flexible study options for professionals. Get more information at Study Abroad.

Applied Research

Applied Research

Monteverde Institute’s Applied Research Program consists of university partnerships in which professors and members of the Monteverde community play an active role in creating objectives for specific research projects which relate to our major areas of focus.


As part of our effort to promote information access at a local level, all research conducted through or with the Institute includes a concrete plan on how the research will be made accessible to a local audience, in both Spanish and English, and how research will become a part of our Digital Library.  More information.

Community Engagement-

Community Engagement

Student field work and service learning make valuable contributions to our local communities and families. The Monteverde Institute strives to engage and involve the Monteverde communities in all its endeavors by collaborating with local organizations, government institutions, and grassroots experts. The Institute also works with these local leaders to advance and address issues important to the Monteverde Zone, including land use planning and regional growth, watershed protection, community health, and tourism. We have a strong commitment to the community.


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