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The Monteverde Institute supports applied research projects and partnerships that advance our mission of sustainable living at the local and global level.

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The Monteverde Institute prioritizes research that reflects our mission of sustainable living at the local and global level. Research proposals must fall within our thematic foci, which include:

  • Conservation Biology
  • Community Health
  • Land Use Planning and Sustainable Development
  • Information Access and Equity
  • Spanish Language and Cultural Studies
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Water

Applied research at the Monteverde Institute can include: 1) university partnerships in which Monteverde Institute staff and local community members play an active role alongside university faculty in the formation of research objectives, questions, methods, analysis and grant proposal writing;  2) institutional affiliations for Junior and Senior Researchers; 3) support for in-house staff research; and 4) student-led research as part of an education abroad program.


As part of our effort to promote information access at the local level, all research conducted through or with the Monteverde Institute must include a concrete plan on how the research will be made accessible to a local audience, in both Spanish and English. This can be done through presentations, document translation, talks in local schools or other methods. Costs associated with information dissemination should be incorporated into your project budget.


Research Partnerships

The Monteverde Institute is open to developing and seeking funding for collaborative research projects with universities and other institutions whose research interests and community-focus match our own. For example, the Monteverde Institute and the University of South Florida undertook a NSF-funded, 3-year longitudinal study of the impact that ongoing transition from farming to tourism is having on dietary habits and nutritional health of rural Costa Rican households in the Monteverde zone.


As any other research endeavors, a research partnership must reflect the Institute\'s thematic foci and should include emphasis on developing local research capacities. If you are interested in exploring collaborative research opportunities, please contact us at , or Click here to find out more about the application process for Junior and Senior Research Affiliates.


Affiliated Research Projects

Each year, the Monteverde Institute undertakes a diversity of research projects in partnership with local and international collaborators. To see a list of some of our projects, Click here for more information.

Information for Researchers

Researchers visiting Monteverde, and Costa Rica in general, should thoughtfully consider the technical and legal requirements for conducting international research. Click here for a list of resources on research permits, IRB processes, dissemination opportunities, potential funding sources and other pertinent information to help you prepare your research proposal and/or project.


Research Facilities

The Monteverde Institute campus is located in the center of the Monteverde community, adjacent to the historic Monteverde Cheese Factory and surrounded by hundreds of acres of protected area. Click here for more information on the research facilities and other resources available to visiting researchers and academic programs.