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Placement Details

  • Minimum of 1 week stay
  • 1 person per household
  • Houses are typical Costa Rican rural homes
  • Fee: $23 per night (includes a single room, 3 meals, laundry service and Spanish practice)


  • Fill out and send MVI’s “Participant Information Forms” (at least 2 months prior to arrival whenever possible)
  • Abide and respect household norms
  • Help in small house chores (ie. washing dishes, keeping home organized, etc.)
  • Speak only in Spanish (two options only when appropriate to use English:

1-help a family member with their English where he/she talks to you in English while you respond in Spanish;
2-set a specific time lapse or hour of the day &/or week to teach English to family members as a way of expressing gratitude and enhancing their language skills).

  • Fill out an online “Homestay Evaluation” at the end of your stay (If you are participating in a credit course your final grade may be affected if this evaluation is not turned in).
  • Enjoy and share time with family

Note: It is extremely important for MVI to assure that your experience is of great satisfaction. Therefore, before you begin your stay the Homestay Coordinator will give you an orientation about the homestay experience. Throughout the stay, you can always count with her, as well as, the Course Coordinator/Assistant as a support for any questions, doubts and/or emergency circumstances –if any.

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