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Local researchers appreciate our excellent community relationships and tell us these relationships open doors and enlist community support for the research activity.

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Community Resources

The Monteverde Institute collaborates with almost every organization and institution in the Monteverde zone.  These partners include:

  • Consejo Municipal del Distrito Monte Verde (municipal government)
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve
  • Clínica de Santa Elena
  • Colegio Técnico de Santa Elena (Public High School)
  • Monteverde Conservation League
  • AyA (Water and Sanitation Institute)
  • Finca La Bella (cooperative farm)
  • Bosque Eterno S.A.
  • Sendero Pacífico

Additionally, MVI is represented on almost every municipal commission and local committee, including the planning commission, the environmental education commission, the Biological Corridor Committee, among others.